Saturday, January 31, 2009


yay!!!! i have always wanted a blog. now i have one and its pretty fun. yeaterday was my brother ian's birthday. that picture is of him, Ian. he turned 7!!!! i will blog as much as i can, so yeah. bye!!

Am I invisable?

Lately I’ve been feeling very invisible. Last week or so when the teacher was taking attendance she asked who was absent. This kid shouted “Ashley Buchanan!!!” and I was like “ummm…. i’m right here.” Then it happened again on Tuesday. The ballet teacher said there was a full class today and this one girl was like “what about Ashley?” when I was actually standing less than 10feet away from her. So, why doesn’t anybody notice me? That I have a few theories for. Either it’s because I don’t really talk all that much, or I just always have my face buried in a book. Either way people should pay more attention to the fact that I’m here, but you might not always see me at first glance….. or maybe second……..okay, maybe you have to call my name to know I’m there, but still it’s not fun to feel invisible.