Wednesday, March 18, 2009

strange, but funny news!

Man unwisely tries to rob Tae Kwon Do studio
From Associated Press
March 13, 2009 9:18 PM EDT

FOX POINT, Wis. - A robber gets more than he bargained for when he targeted a Tae Kwon Do studio in suburban Milwaukee. The robber thought he could quietly slip in and out of David Kang's studio in Fox Point with some loot. What he didn't realize is that he would encounter a Tae Kwon Do master who wasn't about to let him off the hook.
Kang was giving a private lesson Tuesday and heard someone in his office. Kang found the man going through his closet, grabbed him by the neck and sat him down while he called police.
The robber took off and Kang gave chase, finally catching up with the man and holding him by the neck until police arrived.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

back from tournament

So, now I am back from the tournament and my sister's team won, no surprise there, but then I found out it was state's and I was just like "ohhkay", "whatever" because I could care less about my sister's hockey playing. While I was at this weekend tournament I read The Outsiders by: S.E. Hinton and I must say it was beyond ah-mazing! spoiler!!!: i almost cried when Johnny died and then when Dally died i was also sad. Then when Ponyboy was reading Johnny's letter i just about broke down crying. i recommend this book to anyone who has good taste in books! =D

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This weekend I am being forced to go to my 10 year old sister's hockey tournament somewhere in Canada. I don't want to go, but with the attempts I have already tried to get out of it haven't worked. I am not actually gunna watch the hockey because thats not what I ever do. Ever since I have seen hockey as boring I have stayed home from games and such, but that was in Michigan and my parents would let me, now I have to come and it sucks! The last thing I want to do on my weekend is hang around some 10- 12 year old girls who have no interest in things I am interrested in, such as BOOKS! ugh!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Yesterday review

i finished So Yesterday yesterday and i was personally not all that into it. I didn't pick a character as my favorite(which i usually do within the 40page area) until the end when i readized that Jen wasn't so bad. Overall i thought it was good, but not as good as some of Scott Westerfeld's other books. It was still better than some other books i have read before though, such as Wee Free Men by: Terry Pratchett. That book was pointless. On a scale of 1-10 1being the worst and 10 being the best i would probably give it an 8.5.
P.S. If you have a different opinion and you really hate mine, keep it to yourself please!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I saw Twilight, again

So on Friday I saw the Twilight movie for the 3rd time. It was at 9:15 at night and I was kind of tired from a long day at school and the fact that I usually go to sleep at about 10:45ish. This movie runs until 11:15pm, then there’s extra time for finding my mom, previews, and talking while waiting for my mom who is always late to these kinds of things. I could feel the time slipping away, slowly, but it was. Then once I found a hint of Robert Pattinson’s accent the fun was over, for me anyways. I thought the movie was really good the 1st time I saw it, then the second time was ummm…… well, I wanted to fall asleep, but the 3rd time I knew what was going to happen so it wasn’t a big deal. Keri (who also went to see Twilight, and has read all the books) has seen Twilight about 7times now, no joke. This was Erica’s 1st time seeing it since she had to read the book first (actually she finished the series in 4days). My favorite part is when Bella is in like idk, somewhere at night with these random guys and Edward comes zooming in in his silver Volvo.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


yay!!!! i have always wanted a blog. now i have one and its pretty fun. yeaterday was my brother ian's birthday. that picture is of him, Ian. he turned 7!!!! i will blog as much as i can, so yeah. bye!!

Am I invisable?

Lately I’ve been feeling very invisible. Last week or so when the teacher was taking attendance she asked who was absent. This kid shouted “Ashley Buchanan!!!” and I was like “ummm…. i’m right here.” Then it happened again on Tuesday. The ballet teacher said there was a full class today and this one girl was like “what about Ashley?” when I was actually standing less than 10feet away from her. So, why doesn’t anybody notice me? That I have a few theories for. Either it’s because I don’t really talk all that much, or I just always have my face buried in a book. Either way people should pay more attention to the fact that I’m here, but you might not always see me at first glance….. or maybe second……..okay, maybe you have to call my name to know I’m there, but still it’s not fun to feel invisible.